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You Should Keep Marketing on Facebook – Here’s Why:

By January 19, 2019October 27th, 2021Social Media
You Should Keep Marketing on Facebook

Facebook’s announcement that it will be changing its algorithms to favor content from friends and family over pages has sent many users and businesses into a frenzy. Facebook has become one of the largest advertising platforms in history, and many small businesses have found marketing success without spending a dime on ads. That changes Facebook is making are expected to reduce the number of impressions for non-promoted posts from business pages. If you’re used to seeing 1,000 impressions per post, you can expect that to decline over the coming months. The question on everyone’s mind is: Is Facebook still worth it?

  1. Facebook is still one of the largest (and cheapest) advertising platforms around.
  2. Having a Facebook page helps legitimize your business and many users will still expect to see an active presence on social media before making a purchase.
  3. There are ways to benefit from these changes, but it will require a change of strategy.

Marketers are scrambling to develop a new strategy that will keep their clients from losing business. There are three things to keep in mind as you work on finding a solution for your business.

Facebook Changes All the Time

Since it’s launch, Facebook has changed its rules, its layout, and just about everything else many times. It is an ever-changing machine that requires marketers to constantly adapt. Don’t think that this is the end for businesses on Facebook. Facebook will continue to be a business-friendly platform, pages will just need to adapt to this latest change.

Facebook Wants More Engaging Content

The goal of this change is to increase discussion on a user’s newsfeed. Business pages don’t have to be excluded from those discussions. If you’re posting content that receives high engagement (even just a few likes and comments) then your posts can still receive a healthy number of impressions. Informative content that prompts conversation will continue to perform very well on Facebook. Businesses should focus on creating a blog to educate and engage with followers.

There are Still Ways to Improve Your Reach

In the effort to promote more discussion on Facebook, the service will likely be promoting posts shared in groups. Depending on your industry, it can be easy to find a handful of groups your customers are likely to be members of. Sharing your informative content in these groups can lead to greater discussion and exposure for your brand.

Additionally, paid ads will continue to be shown on users’ newsfeeds, the desktop sidebar, and the Facebook Audience Network. Advertising on Facebook can cost as little as $1 a day and can guarantee a greater reach for your business.

As we all adjust to Facebook’s changes, some marketers and businesses will begin to discover ways to benefit from the new algorithm. If you’re a business owner trying to manage social media on your own, pay close attention to what your competitors change in the next few months. If you want a marketing team that can stay on top of all the latest practices for you, TruBrand Marketing is the perfect partner for small businesses. Check out our social media services to learn how having an expert team by your side can improve your business.


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