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There is immense power in people-focused brands. Thought leaders, change-makers, authors, entrepreneurs – all types of professionals and people – have come to TruBrand to build a Personal Brand online platform. We are turning their passions into a high-performing asset.

At TruBrand, we believe that the best marketing is P2P (person to person) because people care about doing business with the people they connect with on a human, emotional level. Everyone is a brand – see these case studies of individuals integrating life with passion and capitalizing on their brand power to have their Purpose seen and heard in today’s market.

Radhia Gleis

Author | Educator | Justice Warrior

KNOWN FOR: Bringing Clarity to the Complexities of Life.

Radhia came to us for personal brand building and to elevate her online profile to promote her new book and help set her up for further growth as an author and voice for seeing the truth in a mad, chaotic world. The TRU team took Radhia through Personal Brand Discovery sessions to investigate her personal Brand DNA and crystalize her unique Purpose. We developed a personal brand website that will launch her as a new author and support her as she builds her platform as an educator and justice warrior. Since Radhia is an artist herself, nailing the exact color palette with the correct saturation and hues was extremely important. This new online presence represents her on every level — a modern, professional design with a deep color palette reflects her modern, expansive ideas and deep thinking. Radhia has more insight and books to come, so her Brand Story and messaging needed to be from a higher perspective and not only focused on the content of her first book. Every aspect of Radhia’s Brand DNA was implemented in her personal brand online presence.

Visit: Radhia Gleis Personal Brand Website

Radhia Personal Band
Damon Personal Brand


President | Leader Motivator | Adventurer

KNOWN FOR: Moving People to Success in Business & Life.

Damon Finaldi is the President of an IT communications business. As with any president of a company, Damon was extremely busy with his work at Telecloud. Our entire Discovery and meeting times were under four hours. After these sessions, our team was able to clarify his brand’s Purpose and messaging and visually create a personal brand website that highlights his drive for learning, leading, and adventure. When someone searches his name, they will come to a website that shares who he is and what’s important to him. With the addition of each new blog article, Damon will curate content and messaging that aligns with his brand and desire to inspire and educate others. Building his personal brand asset will be a way to lead his business brand and pursue his desire to make a difference.

As someone who values hard work and a growth mindset, we wanted to make sure he had a space to build his voice as a mentor, including an open blog section and the availability for website scalability. On his own time, Damon writes blogs and book reviews to help guide and support others as they GROW, LEARN and LEAD.

Visit: DAMON FINALDI Personal Brand Website

Darla Marasco

Executive Producer | Bridge Builder | Savvy Futurist

KNOWN FOR: Shining a Light on Meaningful Stories to Entertain and Uplift Humanity.

Being in the entertainment industry, Darla forges partnerships with other producers, works to be a champion for creatives (writers, film editors), and is a go-to producer for content providers like Netflix, Amazon, etc.

Adding a “face” to the Marasco Media brand and leading her company with her personal brand was just part of who she is — a relationship builder. Personal branding amplifies Darla’s Purpose and makes her work in the industry more human-centric, inspiring new partnerships. Real connections are person to person and never a person to business.

The TRU team took Darla through Personal Brand Discovery sessions to uncover the Personal Brand DNA. We worked closely with her to create personal branding aligned with who she is as an individual and executive producer. Finally, our team activated her brand on all of her social media account profiles and designed several social post styles for brand consistency.

Visit: Darla Marasco Personal Brand Website

Darla Personal Brand

The Digital “WHO” Era Opportunity

You are a brand; whether you are profiting from it as a business or not, your brand exists. To be successful in today’s digital world, you need to show up on Google and have a profile that speaks to who you are. Through personal branding, you have the power to curate your search results.

No longer do faceless brands run the world. The advent of the internet gave birth to Google and Social Media, and with it, people could now look into other people’s lives— who you are, what you believe in, what you stand for, and what you are offering to the world. Anyone can become internet famous, have significant influence, inspire others, create a positive impact in a local community or even the world. After taking the personal brand-building journey, they can turn their passion and expertise into revenue.

Are you a change-maker, a thought-leader, an upcoming author, a professional wanting to advance your career, a CEO, or a mom creating a positive impact for her child’s school? Whatever you do in the world, consider what your online personal profile is saying about you.

Many people want to have a high-profile personal brand but do not know where to start. That is where the TRU team comes in — our step-by-step process begins with a DISCOVER phase. Once your vision, Purpose, and unique offerings are clarified, our team BUILDS and ACTIVATES your brand and works with you on long-term GROWTH Strategies.


Chef Dr. Mike

Cardiologist | Professor of Culinary Medicine
Professional Chef | Author

KNOWN FOR: Empowering People to Take Control Over Their Health and Wellness Through a Positive Relationship with Food.

Chef Dr. Mike came to us seeking to become THE VOICE OF CULINARY MEDICINE. While he was already an expert in Culinary Medicine, he was not visible in the world. Having published several books and appeared on numerous TV and radio programs, Chef Dr. Mike was looking to take his brand to the next level and increase his reach. We helped him solidify his Purpose, positioning in his industry, and establishing consistent brand messaging and design across all marketing touchpoints. To meet his audience with engaging, relevant content, we launched a website that represents his brand and provides Chef Dr. Mike with a heightened online presence, promoting online courses in Culinary Medicine. Our social media strategy includes a highly diversified category approach that shares the plethora of content generated by Dr. Fenster. Promotions of enlightening ebooks and monthly webinars serve as Awareness products that drive traffic, engagement, and link clicks. As a board-certified cardiologist, a professional chef, and a professor of Culinary Medicine at the University of Montana, Chef Dr. Mike has led this innovative field of study for years as the Voice of Culinary Medicine and will continue to broaden his reach through his personal brand growth strategies.

Visit: Chef Dr. Mike Personal Brand Website

Chef Dr Mike Personal Brand
Vincent Personal Brand

Vincent Finaldi

Vice President | Podcaster | Blogger

KNOWN FOR: Empowering 2nd Generation Businesses to Thrive to Ensure that Their Legacy Lives On.

Vincent Finaldi is the Vice President of the 2nd generation family IT communications business. At this point in his career, he is inspired to make a difference and use his expertise to inspire others. He knows the complex dynamics and challenges of generational businesses and has practical business solutions through his own lessons learned. After launching his first two podcasts on YouTube, he came to us because he recognized that he had to have a personal brand that shared his passion, expertise, and Purpose to create more influence and a more significant impact on his target audience.

The TRU team helped him clarify his Purpose and Brand DNA. He submitted a few business photos of himself and some family photos. After our Discovery meetings, the TRU team did the rest — wrote all brand messaging and designed a highly custom website with the color palette that most inspired Vincent.

Turning his passion into an asset, we elevated Vincent’s online profile with a personal brand website, and his family business will now include People Brands to drive their Human-Centric Purpose-driven work.

Visit: Vincent Finaldi Personal Brand Website

Victoria Marasco

CEO | Brand Strategist  | Brand Activator

KNOWN FOR: Illuminating and Igniting the Extraordinary for a Better World.

Victoria Marasco is the Founder of TruBrand Marketing. She focuses on leading people on a journey of self-investigation and brand activation. In the last year, Victoria recognized a trend; businesses needed to pivot. A market gap has emerged with faceless brands needing to include the people-brands within the culture and as channels to market. Knowing TruBrand’s customer journey innovation was a must in this new business era, she decided to build her personal brand asset so that TruBrand could connect with its customers from a human perspective. As with all Personal Brands, we started with Personal Brand Discovery. For Victoria, we specifically reviewed her Micro Brand and TruBrand Marketing’s Macro Brand together to ensure a strong connection between the Purposes of both brands. Then, we worked together to make the critical brand choices needed to develop a strategic growth plan. The process continued with visual branding, content development, design, development of her personal brand’s website, and social media strategy and outreach.

Growth strategies go far beyond the digital channels and include a new partnership established in Q4 2020 with the Business of Brand.

Visit: Victoria Marasco Personal Brand Website

Victoria Personal Brand

Discover your Purpose.   Build Your Brand.   Achieve Greater.

Each person is unique — their brand must be authentic to them on every level, from design and color palette to every word written. From the creative side, we make sure that every pixel is perfect, every brand message is on-point, and every element speaks to the person’s Purpose. Our clients walk away transformed to see their Purpose and expertise express in the digital world, so perfectly true to them.

Certainty comes from knowing how who you are as a brand. Extraordinary personal brands arise from the clarity of vision and connecting your “Why”/Purpose to you as a campaignable asset. People come to us seeking personal branding and growth strategies. Once they go through the Personal Brand Building process, they walk forward with certainty, a clear direction, and are empowered to do their work in the world. To achieve greater success starts with the decision to go for it.