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3 Ways Marketing Automation can Help Your Brand Succeed

By May 1, 2019March 8th, 2023SEO
ways that marketing automation can help your small business

We’ve all been there – missed calls with potential clients, a lead that got away from a lack of follow up, hours spent scheduling a meeting that never happens – the list goes on. This is a common experience among small-business owners. It’s tough keeping it all together, especially when the priorities pile up. That’s why marketing automation is the best tool for squaring away those priorities for your brand. Transform your scattered workday into a streamlined, effective process that takes little to no effort to maintain.


It may seem like marketing automation is complicated and exclusively used by big corporations but integrating automation into a small business is incredibly simple. In fact, marketing automation is everywhere. It’s the “sorry I missed you” voicemail from a salesperson. It’s  the birthday coupon from a restaurant. It’s the reminder from a retailer that you added a product to your shopping cart but never clicked “buy.”


With the right tools and knowledge, any brand can utilize automation. If you’d like to dive deeper, check out our free e-guide to help you get started: “18 Things Every Small Business Should Automate.”


Read on for a taste of the e-guide and to find out how marketing automation can help your small business go from scattered to streamlined.


1. Lead Generation

Is your inbox overflowing with email contact requests? Automation can help!

With automation software, you’ll be able to capture and follow up with potential customers more efficiently by responding to contact requests immediately. Automation software is designed to help you create a “contact us” form on your website, complete with automated emails that get sent out to potential clients. You’ll never lose a lead while maintaining a tidy inbox.


2. Sales Process

The road from prospect to paying customer includes a few stops. Mapping the route with business automation helps you guide potential clients through the customer journey easily. Automation software sets up your sales process in stages, helping you and your team keep track of potential clients at every step of their journey from beginning to end. With an organized view of where all your potential customers are in their journey, you’ll always know when it’s time to guide them toward the next step in the process. From there, you’ll be converting leads left and right!


3. Office Management

This is where your daily life really gets easier. You can set those mundane daily processes on auto-pilot to focus on what matters most: doing the work you love. Automated processes make your life so easy that you forget there was ever a time you had to do any of these streamlined processes manually, spending hours in front of Excel sheets and Google calendars – but not anymore. With business automation, you can say goodbye to the mundane.


We hope this article helped you better understand how business automation can help you get back your time, do the work you love, and transform the way you run your business all at once.


If you’re ready to dive deeper, check out all the different ways in which automation can help your small business generate leads, grow revenue, and organize your workday: “18 Things Every Small Business Should Automate.”

Additionally, when you automate with TruBrand, we become your on-demand marketing team. We will get your brand fully set up on your automation software, answer all your questions, and provide any additional marketing assistance so your business can succeed. With TruBrand, you get more than campaigns and strategies. You get a team of experts at your fingertips that tailors your marketing to fit your specific business needs.


If you’re ready to transform your marketing and grow your revenue, contact us