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Unlocking Strategies for Amplifying Your Business’s Impact Influence

By August 29, 2023September 25th, 2023Articles, Purpose and Impact
SDG Impact Goals

Every venture commences with a motivation – whether it’s driven by passion, financial aspirations, or a determination to resolve worldly issues. The contemporary landscape acknowledges that businesses wield the power to extend beyond mere profit-making; they can be vehicles of profound transformation. Yet, navigating the realm of impactful business without compromising core objectives has been a challenge. Enter a transformative shift.

These notions of discovering your “why” or the essence of your “Purpose” transcend mere marketing tactics; they hold the potential to infuse significance into your business, employees, and the larger landscape. Regrettably, discussions about Purpose and Impact have often occurred in isolation. The reality is as follows:

Your business’s Purpose and Impact can foster a more enriching workspace for your team.
Your business’s Purpose and Impact can embrace community initiatives.
Your business’s Purpose and Impact can increase the valuation of your company by gaining more market share.
Your business’s Purpose and Impact can catalyze global betterment.

The potential to effect global change is within reach, often at a fraction of the cost. The determinant isn’t the scale or profitability of the business, but rather the visionary leaders at its helm, ready to spark transformation.

Our Narrative

Like many others, TruBrand encountered challenges integrating Impact into operational dimensions. Our giving was confined to fiscal year-end, with the positive impact feeling distant and indiscernible. However, the collaboration between TruBrand and B1G1 in November 2022 sparked a remarkable transition. Suddenly, our vision acquired clarity and traceability. Our mindset evolved, becoming more effective in understanding how individual impacts aggregate into a significant difference. We stand poised to guide others on the same path. As of now, we celebrate a milestone – over 95,000 impacts created, each resonating with profound significance:

  • Over 95,080 individuals accessed clean water for a day.
  • Over 2,758 meals nourished the hungry in the US, alongside 584 globally.
  • Rescued 2,071 meals from wastage, benefiting underprivileged US communities.
  • Monthly, our client websites sustain 216 meals for the US hungry.
  • Each ZOOM meeting extends 1-day clean water access worldwide.
  • Brand creations trigger 5,000 days of clean water access.
  • Web designs equate to 10,000 days of clean water access.
  • Welcoming a new client bestows 100 meals to global communities.
  • Personal brand crafting salvages 1,334 US meals.
  • Guiding clients to their Purpose, provides 200 global meals.

This alliance with B1G1, a Global Giving Initiative, amplifies our capacity to drive change. Over 3,000 businesses worldwide, including us, collaborate with B1G1, striving for a world abundant in giving. Our partnership enables client businesses to integrate impactful giving seamlessly.

B1G1 (BUY1GIVE1) – Empowering Small-to-Medium Enterprises

B1G1 personifies a global giving movement. It empowers small-to-medium enterprises to embed giving into daily operations. The collective strength of 3,000+ businesses has engendered over 160 million impacts across 500+ high-impact projects. B1G1 facilitates tangible transformations, monitored in real-time worldwide. Your team and customers become active participants in this benevolent voyage. B1G1 ensures that every iota of your giving nourishes the projects you support.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

B1G1 aligns each impact with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals guide our path toward poverty alleviation, battling inequality, addressing injustice, and tackling climate change by 2030. This blueprint for global prosperity echoes the essence of unity for humanity and the planet. B1G1 simplifies channeling giving into impactful change, fostering a mindset shift from sporadic donations to daily micro-impacts through standard business operations.

The Mechanism Unveiled

B1G1’s unparalleled giving model ensures your entire contribution reaches those in need. Core business activities are linked to specific SDG impacts, automated or periodically updated. Imagine authors planting a tree per book sold or dentists supplying water for every new patient. The spectrum of possibilities is vast. Vetted, high-impact projects beckon, addressing concerns close to your heart, with some projects’ single-impact costs running pennies on the dollar. B1G1 is the seamless facilitator, aiding project selection, real-time tracking, and automatic impact display on your website.

The Ripple Effect of Small Acts

The power of small acts manifests vividly. Picture each customer generating access to life-saving water for a child. With just 50 daily customers, 50 children access water daily. Expand this to 10 businesses – 500 children. Witness the phenomenon B1G1 coins “the power of small.”

The Business-Purpose Nexus

Embedding giving at your business’s core rekindles meaning in your team’s daily efforts. Lives transformed daily reshape your business’s ethos, elevating team dynamics. Key gains encompass:


Giving differentiates your business amid profit-chasing entities.

Tangible Transformation – Everyday operations catalyze real change, inspiring others.
Team Alignment – Core giving lures purpose-driven talents to your company.
Heightened Connections – Effective giving forges stronger links with employees and customers.

An Urgent Imperative

Yet, business philanthropy’s potential remains underutilized. Presently, a small percentage of giving hails from businesses, while only 30% of supposedly purpose-driven businesses truly fulfill that promise. Our story and the story of 3,000 B1G1 partners prove that small businesses, too, armed with modest resources, can wield significant impact. A systematic approach to global betterment beckons.

Partake in Something Extraordinary

Survey insights from B1G1 disclose challenges business owners face in philanthropy. Solutions emerge as follows:

Initial Uncertainty – Align your business with SDGs and causes resonating with your values.
Time Constraints – Infuse giving into routines, automating it seamlessly.
Financial Hurdles – Recognize that impactful change stems from small donations.
Trust Concerns – Choose transparent, well-documented charities or listings.

Embedding Giving into Your Journey

Elevate lives – your own, your team’s, and your customers’. To ensure impactful giving, consider:

Meaningful Selections – Choose causes that resonate with both you and your customers.
Transparent Practices – Uphold full disclosure to optimize impact.
Effectiveness Assessment – Gauge your impact to appreciate your achievements.
Sustainable Commitment – Avoid guilt-induced, unsustainable practices.

At TruBrand, we fuse humanity and business, embedding giving into every facet. Collaboration with us nurtures transformation with each client served. Check out our IMPACT webpage. Your association with TruBrand redefines worlds. Simply embrace the knowledge that you’re driving extraordinary change, today and every day.

Contact us if you would like us to assist in setting up your Purpose and Impact initiatives.

If you have not clarified your business or personal brand’s Purpose, schedule a complimentary consultation with TruBrand; we can assist you in this Discovery.

Download your Purpose and Impact worksheet to understand better the United Nations’ SDG goals you are aligned with.

For more inspiration, read this blog post.  See a video from Net Positive’s author Paul Poleman, and his role in B1G1.

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