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SmartCare Wins National Award after TruBrand Marketing Campaign

By April 25, 2013July 26th, 2021Public Relations
SmartCare Wins National Award

In 2012 we launched a brand development campaign for SmartCare Worldwide. At the time, SmartCare was nothing more than a concept being introduced by our long-term client, Foundation Strategies.  We developed that concept into an official medical tourism company with a new name, brand, website and marketing collateral.

We’re happy to announce that earlier today at the 4th Annual Medical Travel Summit in Costa Rica, SmartCare Worldwide was announced the winner of the 2013 Medical Tourism National Award by the Board of Directors at PROMED. SmartCare executives Chic Coonrod and Rick Huntington accepted the award. TruBrand is proud to report this level of success for SmartCare after just 1 year of brand development and marketing efforts.

About the Medical Tourism National Award

The Medical Tourism National Award was created in 2010 and is assigned to institutions that have provided a special contribution to the development of medical tourism in Costa Rica. SmartCare is the most recent to join the Minister of Health of Costa Rica and the Minister of the Presidency of Costa Rica as recipients of the prestigious award.

SmartCare worked closely with the Costa Rican government, medical community, and PROMED to develop the infrastructure and relationships core to their medical tourism program for employers, employees and individuals. SmartCare has shown a commitment to providing high quality medical care and facilitating medical tourism in Costa Rica by developing high-functioning relationships with the finest Costa Rican doctors, surgeons, hospitals and facilities. SmartCare chose Costa Rica because of the country’s commitment to excellence in medical tourism, now its third largest industry.

SmartCare’s contribution to medical tourism in Costa Rica is expected to grow in the coming year with a number of programs currently in the works, most notably their recently launched medical travel benefit program for employers of all sizes, which will provide employees added healthcare benefits in a limited market, and provide access to important medical procedures for any individuals looking for an answer to high healthcare costs. SmartCare has proven their dedication to leading the way with innovating, solution-based programs in a changing healthcare industry.