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Marasco Management Goes Live

By October 16, 2017July 26th, 2021TruBrand Marketing News

TruBrand Marketing works with companies in many different industries, so we were thrilled to spend some time in glamorous Hollywood while creating this beautiful website for Marasco Management, a company focusing on artist management alongside the development of scripted TV shows and films that entertain and uplift humanity.

Taking on the challenge of standing out in the flashy entertainment industry, we needed to showcase quality, power, and a little pizzazz. The founder, Darla Marasco is known for her work on numerous trendsetting productions, so the company required branding that reflects a need to be at the forefront. A diverse catalogue of credits requires a versatile display. And, with over three decades of experience in the entertainment industry, Darla Marasco needed a place to show her accomplishments, including contribution to 10 Emmy Awards, but also a gathering place for the best creative minds available.

The amazing team here at TruBrand Marketing was able to capture the vision of Marasco Management and complete branding and web development in record time. The finished product is a website and brand that will keep that vision pushing forward. Producing hit shows and movies is no easy business, but now the world will know that Marasco Management is the place that gets it done.

At TruBrand, we’re inspired by the entrepreneurs of the world and love helping start-up companies express their visions. From branding to web design to advertising, we’re more than a partner, we’re family.