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The Importance of Original Photography with Thrive, FP

By March 22, 2017July 26th, 2021Uncategorized
The Importance of Original Photography

At TruBrand, we pride ourselves in providing a customized service and experience for our clients. One way we deliver this is with our original photography. Many media agency’s will solely rely on digital stock images which can impersonalize a company’s brand.

We recently did a photo shoot for a client (Thrive,FP) of all 14 team members with our five person photography crew. TruBrand had an amazing time shooting with the Thrive team while knowing we were going to provide sophisticated, professional brand images that reflect lifestyle employee work imagery, executive management team shots while sharing the unique, high-design office environment.

You can see the marketing advantage and difference between customized, original photography compared to stock photos for many of our clients. And that is why we highly recommend this branding investment. Original photography for any company conveys an authenticity to their marketing and brand.