TruBrand and BOB Earth

Together we are changing the way
businesses do marketing
through purpose-led growth strategies.


We are honored to be a global partner of the Business of Brand.
Building brands, growing their business, impacting industries to shift the world.

Business of Brand Partner
Business of Brand Partnership - United on Purpose
who is BOB?

Business of Brand (BOB)

Business of Brand (BOB) is changing the way the modern business operates. The BoB Business model is founded on the belief that in order to shift the world, businesses must first build their brands and impact their industries. True growth impacts everyone and everything in your ecosystem and with real impact comes real change. BOB is creating a new business language, a coding system for growth. BOB's UP System™ works across all industries. Their entrepreneurial learning community (both in-person and online courses) bring together a global community of like-minded business owners, influencers, entrepreneurs, changemakers, and world leaders who are all driven and aligned by purpose.


BoB Earth™ is a global purpose-led platform connecting enterprise together for trade and partnerships, from a local community to a virtual society - a connected Earth. BoB Earth connects an expanding global trading community. Providing opportunities to learn from other entrepreneurs, grow your business, impact your industry and create genuine, positive change in the world. Build your house and your business ecosystem globally on BoB Earth™ to Connect, Learn and Trade.

BOB is changing the way modern business operates. Their vision is to build and inspire the next generation of world leaders and shift the world into a new era.

Business of Brand Vision Films

One Earth: One Billion Purposes

2:48 Minute Video

A New Business Era Film

2:01 Minute Video

bob entrepreneurial school

Inspiring Learning, Growing, and Positive Impact

BoB Earth's LEARN area offers a Brand DNA Course, Personal Brand Course, and an L&D Recovery Growth Course that takes a business from wherever they are at, shifts their mindset into 21st-Century thinking, and provides strategic teaching and brand activation for accelerated growth.
Before the COVID pandemic, the offline school taught in physical BoB schools in 5 countries worldwide.

L&D Foundation

At the heart of everything BOB does is education, and this inspired them to create the L&D foundation. The foundation supports children, early-stage growth businesses, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. BOB gifts their entrepreneurial IP (classes) to help those who will benefit from it the most and are looking to campaign for causes so that everybody can be seen and heard.



Online Course

Brand DNA

Our Brand DNA curriculum is designed to give people everything they need to build their business brand blueprint for growth. We teach them how to define their purpose-led vision for growth, how to identify the trends and patterns in their industry, see the market gaps, and also understand how to make strategic brand choices. We will also help them to identify their brand assets to create a profitable and sustainable business model and a higher valuation.

Online Course

Personal Brand Curriculum

This program has been designed for founders, CEO's, employer brands, and changemakers and teaching them how to turn their profile into an asset. As we enter into the Who Era, people have now moved their thinking on purchasing decisions away from buying into business brands and instead are buying into personal brands.

Online Course

L&D - Driving into Growth

This is an 18-month long program that has been designed to support businesses through the L Shaped Recession, getting them ready for 2021-2031; which all of the trends are telling us will be a 10 year period of high growth. It's a low-cost volume product that enables us to provide support for the business community to help them recover and rebuild during this recession.


  • Shifting 20th-Century Mindsets to 21st-Century Thinking
  • Leading other Businesses to Purpose-Driven Brand Choices
  • Facilitating BOB’s IP and Learning
  • Activating Growth Strategies for Personal Brands and Businesses

Bringing a touch of humanity to businesses while driving brands forward—no wonder our clients trust us to help take them where they want to go.